BAY Casual Furniture

Frequently Asked Questions



Why a 3 week turnaround?

You don't have a color I want...

How do I clean my furniture?

Can my furniture really sit outside?

Furniture & Fire-Pit... How close is too close?

Do you offer replacement parts?

Where do you get your plastic lumber?

Can I paint my furniture?


How long before my furniture ships?

If the item is in stock, we ship it most times within the next business day. If the item is not in stock and has to be made, it will be shipped within 3 weeks of your purchase.

It has been 3 weeks after my purchse and I have not recieved my order.

Some times of the year are busier then others in our shop. Rest assured, unless we otherwise notify you, your order will be shipped before those 3 weeks after the purchase are up. If it has been 4 weeks or longer after your purchase and you have not recieved your item(s), please contact us here.

Do we ship outside the U.S.A.?

Do we ship to Hawaii & Alaska?


What warranty comes with my furniture?


I broke my furniture. Now what?